Floristería Miquel Capellà

We are Floristería Miquel Capellà, a family business of recognized trajectory in Palma de Mallorca.

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Who we are

Welcome to Floristería Miquel Capellà, a family business with over 60 years working flower and natural plant.

We do all types of orders with personalized advice, visit us.

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Quality and variety

We receive national and imported goods from countries like Holland, Ecuador, Colombia and Africa everyday, so we can offer a great variety and quality of natural flowers and plants.

We also have own production with seasonal flowers.

Where we are

Address: Mercat de Santa Catalina, puesto n.° 69 - Mallorca
PALMA DE MALLORCA (Illes Balears) 07013
Phone and fax: 971 282 955
Mobile: 619 822 779